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Our jewelry is uniquely unpredictable. Our prices aren’t.

Silver is a precious metal, subject to the ebbs and flows of market prices. Our silver jewelry pricing is based on the current value of fine silver, so when the price of silver falls, you save.

With your new MMA International account, you’ll have access to prices on every item on our site. Those prices are based on the current fine silver market and are automatically adjusted when the market price changes significantly.

In our printed catalogs, prices are suggested retail based on the fine silver market at $13-$16 per oz. You can still use our catalogs even when the value of silver changes.

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General price information

2016 pricing structure
We’ve updated our pricing for 2016 to reflect a silver market of $13-$16 per oz., and our new printed catalogs reflect that market in their suggested retail prices. This adjustment means our catalogs, which are identified by our new logo, are much closer to current market prices.

Bulk discounts for chains
We’ve also significantly reduced pricing and added extra bulk discounts for silver chains. Bulk prices are automatically applied to each item when added to your shopping cart.

Older catalogs
Pricing in older catalogs, which have our old logo, are no longer valid because they are based on outdated silver prices. However, our older catalogs can still be used by converting prices using the table below. As always, our website shows only the current, updated wholesale prices.


2016 Silver Market Item Adjustments

Fine Silver Between Silver Chain Silver Jewelry
$4.00/oz. –$7.00/oz. -15% -9%
$7.00/oz. - $10.00/oz. -10% -6%
$10.00/oz. - $13.00/oz. -5% -3%
$13.00/oz. - $16.00/oz. Catalog Prices Catalog Prices
$16.00/oz. - $19.00/oz. +10% +5%
$19.00/oz. - $22.00/oz. +20% +10%
$22.00/oz. - $25.00/oz. +30% +15%

If the price of silver closes at a different price range for seven consecutive days, the percentages indicated above will change.

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