Our Mission: Cleaner and Greener!

Here at MMA International, we genuinely love the planet we live on and work every day to do our part in preserving it by reducing our carbon footprint. We reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible! Operating at nearly zero waste in our office, we recycle and reuse everything from toner cartridges to batteries, polybags to Styrofoam, and boxes to paper. We constantly strive to ensure that we do our part in preserving and bettering the environment.

When working with partners, their values must resonate with ours, so we review each potential company carefully before deciding to work with them. We ensure that all our vendors do their part to preserve their environment too! Some practices include recycling plastics, paper, silver, and wax and purchasing recycled silver rather than newly mined metal.

Not only are our vendors conscious of the environment, but they are also cognizant of how they treat their team members. Many of the factories we work with participate in annual inspections to ensure diversity at all levels, standard work hours, and that employees have a safe workplace and are paid fair wages for their labor. We are pleased to know our vendors share our goals in reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring safety and fairness in every step of the process. These goals make us confident that the care for our planet and its people is a global concern we all take to heart!

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