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Thousands of independent jewelers trust MMA International because we understand the retail jewelry business. Our customer service representatives are industry experts who can answer any question from what the latest trends in the marketplace are to when your order will arrive. We maintain a 95%+ in-stock rate all year, which means we ship quickly and deliver consistently. In fact, most orders ship the next business day.

We founded our Silver Stars Collection to offer the premier jewelry lines that keep our customers on the cutting edge of trends. The Collection has been our obsession as we present more than 5,000 pieces from more than 50 artisans and manufacturers, from 10 countries including Italy, Thailand and the US. Our partners deliver unique creations including our own designs made exclusively for us—and, of course, for you.

Jewelry isn’t just our business. It’s our passion.

Since the beginning, our love of crafted jewelry stems from what we’ve learned about the cultural heritage and history that comes with each piece in every collection. Our passion gives us a unique understanding of your business and the importance of bringing you one-of-a-kind creations at a low cost—the kind of creations that your customers will want and enjoy.

Growing from the road up

In 1974, the original founders Allen and Marianne sold Native American jewelry at a flea market between 22nd and 23rd streets in Austin, Texas. Their passion became their business when they packed up their Ford station wagon and drove more than 500 miles to New Mexico. The artisans from whom they bought still made jewelry using techniques taught by Mexican silversmiths to the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indian tribes during the mid-nineteenth century; you'll find a variety of Native American made pieces in our collection today.

Marianne and Allen fell in love with the beauty, the tradition and the story behind each piece and wanted to share them with people in their hometown. So, every weekend, among the noisy crowd of vendors pushing everything from lava lamps to antiques, they would showcase the turquoise and silver jewelry that they acquired during their frequent trips to New Mexico.


Jewelry that people want

Since then, MMA International has grown, but we still love bringing uncommon and beautiful jewelry to retailers around the world. Our collections are tailored for shops of all sizes, from the small gift boutique to the volume-driven online store. No matter what volume, we give you a wide selection at low wholesale prices on jewelry that people desire. Then we combine that expertise with small-town service and an eye for big-city trends that will keep you ahead of the curve.

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