Together, we rise.

Our roots run deep here in Texas. We may be known as the “Lone Star State”, but we definitely do not stand alone. In Texas and other parts of the world, recent natural disasters have delivered severe devastation to cities big and small. From the southeastern United States to the Caribbean and Mexico, entire families have been forced to evacuate their homes with few belongings left.

We have created special “made to order” necklaces to memorialize the unity that has awakened as a result of recent natural world disasters. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these necklaces will be donated to local relief efforts in cities affected by the hurricane, including but not limited to: Mercy Chefs non-profit organization, The Salvation Army, and Feeding South Florida Food-bank. We encourage our customers to join us by donating a portion of their sales as well.

We also invite you to design your own donation item through our custom orders process. You can create your own engraving on the existing donation necklace, or start completely from scratch to create a heartfelt item and raise funds for communities of your choosing.

As we say here in Texas, let’s “take the bull by the horns” and prove that we can stand as a nation of one as we work together to help our neighbors, near and far, recover and rebuild.


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