Social Media Pointers

1. Everyone runs to a SALE

In between sharing captivating photos of products on models and in-store displays, you can throw in occasional posts announcing a flash sale or a special promotion happening solely online or in store for a short time.

Now that's what I call surprising your customers while taking advantage of the scarcity principle and luring them in to make a purchase. Customers are going to be glued to their feed for the next sale that could be here today and gone tomorrow. Pair this with the other tactics to woo your audience on Instagram for a winning combination.


2. Tap into the culture

Get noticed by finding a creative way to plug your brand and product alongside an event like an election, Halloween, or the Olympics. For example, leading up to and on Super Bowl Sunday, capitalize on the cultural significance of the event while finding a way to plug your product and brand along the way.

Pay attention to what's popular. Use tools like Google Trends, Twitter Trends or just ask the next generation Z kid that you encounter.


3. Engage the right influencers

Associate yourself with the right bloggers by sending them products in hopes they feature your merchandise on their accounts. You will not only gain the attention of the influencer's audience, but you will also get to position and associate your brand alongside theirs. It's a great way to expand your clientele.

Start searching for and finding relevant influencers when it comes to your particular brand. Reach out to them for a mutually-beneficial and promotional partnership.

Jewelry can add a personalized wow factor to any ordinary outfit. It can be as individualized as the person who wears it. These tips are sure to increase excitement levels and make your look seamless.

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