Promos that Drive Foot Traffic

Techniques that actually work are loyalty programs, point-of-purchase displays, and promotional pricing. If you are looking to boost sales and gain new customers, these methods are key.

Loyalty programs get customers to come back but can be costly. Alternatives are marketing through emails that include discount offers. Send your clients weekly newsletters offering discounts or mentioning new products. One simple way to do this in your store is to use an app developed by MailChimp called Chimpadeedoo, which you can use alongside your register or point-of-sale system.

Loss leaders are great for selling overstocked items. You can provide certain products at a steep discount to draw new customers to your store. Bundle pricing by offering “buy one, get one free” or “two for the price of one” makes customers feel like they are winning. It’s a great way to draw customers to the store so they might purchase other items. Markdowns are always attractive because everyone likes to save.

Lastly, utilize point-of-purchase displays to capture all those impulse buys. Speed bumps can intentionally draw a potential client’s attention to products that they may have missed by strategically placing the products along the path to checkout. Dump Bins are bins full of products once again strategically placed to trigger curiosity in consumers and get them to "dig in”.

To get the most out of running a sales promotion, you must track the percentage of sales resulting from the campaign. Ideally, you should be able to assign tracking codes or discounts to certain products within your POS system and create a report to see how well you've done since launching the sale.

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