Jewelry Guidelines

Necklaces should go hand in hand with your necklines
If your outfit has an elaborate neckline, skip the necklace. Wearing a heavy necklace  is only a good idea if your neckline is simple. For heavier necklines, that sport a flower or adornment, substitute heavier necklaces for simpler, delicate strands. You should also keep in mind necklace styles that go well with necklines.

Choose the right pair of earrings
Don’t be afraid to sport some statement pieces like chandelier earrings, instead of just sticking with studs. However, the length should be carefully matched to the occasion. For instance, while dressing up for work, choose medium length earrings to not overdo the look. When in doubt, stick to the timeless diamond or pearl studs for a beautiful and elegant look.

Earrings that work with necklaces
The key point to remember is that if you happen to wear a large necklace with huge earrings, you have definitely overdone your jewelry. If you go for simpler strands of necklaces or a simple pendant, feel free to flaunt large earrings. However, while displaying an exquisite choker, opt for simple studs or diamond drop earrings.

Matching is a thing of the past
Wearing different colored jewelry can actually add substance to your ensemble and can highlight different hues from your outfit, enhancing your look. Go monochrome for some looks but perfectly matching is not our recommendation.

Advice about engagement rings: It is very elegant to declare you have 'no idea' of the carat size of your diamond ring/necklace/earring, although absolutely no one will believe you.

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