10 Tips for Boutique Owners

1. Speak up and greet everyone who walks in the door. A pleasant greeting and smile go a long way in creating a comfortable environment your customer will enjoy; there is no need for a long, forced conversation.

2. Do not discuss business in front of customers; it is very unprofessional. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You are creating a positive experience that should make customers want to come back often.

3. Identify your look and style. Your style should be clear to customers and work with your decor for a pulled together look. Details are very important, so pay attention to every aspect of your store.

4. Get creative with marketing, contests, trunk shows, and other events. Be remembered and get your customers talking about your store.

5. Maintain consistent hours even when business is slow. Keep your reputation and reliability with consistent hours.

6. A website is an absolute must. Get with the times by creating a seamless shopping experience for your customer. Blogs are great to drive traffic and excitement.

7. Be original. Shoppers look to boutiques for unique items they cannot get in your average mall. Window displays are an invitation to passersby so try to tug at their heartstrings and evoke an emotion.

8. Use proper signage. Entice new customers from every angle.

9. Be careful to do sales properly. If the whole store is on sale every time someone comes into the store, it loses luster. Stick with themes or pre-season sales.

10. Set a good example for your employees. They learn by example.

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