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Start with your own design, modify a design from our collection, or add your brand logo to one of our designs.

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Dates, names, and monograms can be easily added to your design. We offer competitive discounts on bulk engraving.

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With decades of experience at jewelry design, sourcing, and procurement, we can help you get the look you want at the most competitive prices to maximize your margins.

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Our production schedule can be as short as six weeks and varies depending on the jewelry type.

Professionals who make it happen

When you partner with MMA International, you get more than forty years of experience in the jewelry business—experience that ranges from creating exclusive collections to leveraging our retail expertise. It’s no wonder thousands of jewelers and shop owners depend on our service, quality, and delivery to grow their businesses every day.

Timing and minimum orders

We try to work as quickly as we can, but custom orders do take time. Expect the custom jewelry process to take approximately four to five weeks from concept to production sample. Project time from order through to production will typically take six to eight weeks. However, your project times may vary depending on the artisans who make your piece. Once we get your specifications, we’ll provide a more specific production schedule.

We do require minimum orders for most custom services based on the type of jewelry and customization required. Call us for details on your specific design and its minimum order requirement.

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