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Please select the catalogs you would like to receive and complete the following form. We are currently able to provide a free set of catalogs to businesses in the United States (including US territories) and Canada. MMA International does not sell to consumers directly, so we can only send catalogs to jewelry retailers and wholesalers. To set up an account or request catalogs, you must provide your business' Tax ID Number (for US customers) or Business Number (for Canadian customers).

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2014 Holiday Catalog
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Destination By Design
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Wildfire Fashion Catalog
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Prices in all active catalogs are based on a $28-$36/oz. silver market. These catalogs are still easy to use when the value of silver changes — click here for details.

If you would like to order multiple copies of our catalogs or generic copies to use with your retail customers, you can order additional catalogs here. Please call your customer service representative for any other assistance.